Your website is not where the sale with your customer commences, but rather where it concludes. If that sounds strange, please consider how today’s consumers use websites.

If you’re selling online (and aren’t we all?), your customers know what to expect from your website: a list of your products/services, locations, hours, classes, prices, contact info, store, etc. They also expect you to sell, with cute little testimonial pages, links to favorable online articles, and even special offers. But they aren’t impressed with your pitch, and no wonder. In fact, most of those pages are rarely ever looked at, except by your Board Members.

Today’s web users are smart. They know they don’t have to believe you or your site. Instead, they can do a quick search online to see what people are “really” saying about you, and they trust these anonymous sources way more than they trust you (this is where social media and reputation management come in). Heck, we could tell you how great we are here, but would you believe just us?

So we believe that in most cases, a company’s website is a friendly reference tool designed to efficiently convey your brand message (your mission) as you guide visitors to the pages they seek. Nothing more. That’s because after all their due diligence is done and people know they want you, your site is where they will end up.

They’ll be ready to interact with you, so don’t block their way with fluffy talk and unneeded pages. Rather, be helpful. Be confident. Be obviously pleased that they came to you. And ask them to do what you want them to do.

Our corporate sites are designed and built around one theme: ease of use, both for the viewer and for the client. For viewers, we focus on easy navigation and page loading. For clients, we ONLY create sites using Content Mangagement Systems (CMS) that allow any approved staff member access to easily edit and update websites entirely on their own. No more waiting for the web people to make text revisions, or spending money to have a web company add a photo. You can do it yourself.

For examples, just visit our portfolio page.  Then commence a great relationship with an interactive company that can really help you to improve your online presence.