Banner ads, and all digital media for that manner, have the ability to deliver the “right message to the right user at the right time.” Unfortunately, in the hands of tech people, most of the focus has been on improving the mechanics surrounding the last two goals at the expense of the first. Creativity, which is the heart of effective advertising, has been pushed aside in favor of fine-tuned targeting. But like a tripod with one leg missing, it just cannot work. It makes no sense to find your market at a time when they need you only to put forth a weak message.

That’s why we employ advertising designers to craft our messages, then rely on digital media specialists to spread these messages to your market when they’re most willing to interact. Even better, we make sure all banner ads work with the overall brand, and not just the technology.

See a sample banner ad here. And then reach out to us so we can begin forming new relationships for you.