We believe that advertising is an investment. As such, every advertising effort must reap some reward, whether it’s a sale, phone call, or simple inquiry. Most important, though, is that you must be able to prove that your investment is providing a return.

That’s where eblasts shine. They are the foundation for building strong relationships with your market, and their effectiveness can be proven via Google Analytics.


All of our online marketing is geared toward generating a sale; however, when that’s not possible, we at least strive to gather an email address. You see, email is golden: it’s cheap, well read, effective, viral and, most important, trackable. Our efforts build elists of fans and followers for our clients so that we can consistently and inexpensively communicate sales messages, offerings, announcements, and helpful news to them. Every eblast is designed to be opened, read, forwarded, and tracked. So our clients know who is paying attention, what they’re interested in, and to whom they are spreading our news.

Send us an email to talk further. At the very least, join our elist so you can stay up to date on the newest and best advertising available.