The Power of Remarketing

With the power of online search engines such as Google and Yahoo/Bing, it’s not uncommon for consumers to browse for a product or service without leaving the comfort of their home. While PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a great tool to help increase traffic to your website, what happens when visitors leave your site without signing up for the e-list, making an appointment, or answering another call to action?

One word: Remarketing. Your visibility doesn’t have to end when visitors leave your website. This powerful tool can help you reach people who have previously visited your website but may not have taken action. It will not only help you stay engaged with your target audience, but it will keep your product or service top of mind when they’re ready to buy. This case study highlights just one of the clients we’ve accomplished this for already.

Since working with Crown Community Development, our web marketing program has successfully increased the number of leads and the number of sales at several of their master planned communities. And Highland Woods, a Crown Community in Elgin, IL, is one of the best selling communities in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. In an effort to help Highland Woods remain a best selling community, we took their online visibility a step further with remarketing.


The Immediate Deliveries page on the Highland Woods website receives a lot of traffic. Visitors browse for information on the site, but don’t always take the next step, which is defined as signing up for the e-list, making an appointment, or visiting the community. This remarketing campaign is designed to keep Highland Woods and its immediate delivery homes present in the minds of consumers and, ultimately, continue increasing the number of leads and sales.

We’ve programmed the sites so that if a visitor has been to those pages, when they are browsing other sites, the tool recognizes that the person visited a Highland Woods site and our ads are more likely to display. You may have noticed that some websites you recently visited are suddenly popping up in advertisements on completely different websites. That’s remarketing.

In a Highland Woods example, after visiting the Highland Woods website without taking action, I saw the below ad while browsing in Chicago Tribune’s Real Estate section.


So when a consumer is ready to purchase a home, Highland Woods is more likely to come to mind. The person seeing the ads is now more likely to revisit and take the next step toward becoming a homeowner.

Thanks to this remarketing effort, we have successfully increased visibility and stayed engaged with our target audience. The remarketing campaign is just getting started, and it has already brought thousands back to the Highland Woods website as they searched the web.

Whether you are a retail vendor, looking to increase appointments or registrations, building an e-list, or simply branding, this gentle nudging of people who have visited your site is something we can help you accomplish.

If you want to learn a little more about remarketing, you can view another example of how it works here.

If you’re interested in taking your online visibility a step further with remarketing, contact us here. And if you’re not quite ready for remarketing, we offer plenty of other web marketing services.